Economy Tawau

Majlis Perbandaran Tawau 9:44 AM [19/4/2017] Economy


Basically the Tawau District is an Agricultural District and for that reason many people give the title to Tawau District as "Farmer's Earth". It is estimated that more than 159, 328 hectares of land in the area are suitable for agricultural purposes. In addition to the location of the Cocoa Research Station, Bukit Quoin Tawau as the ultimate and best quality cocoa seed producer in the State of Sabah and Malaysia is further reinforcing this statement. Giant farming companies like Golden Hope, Taiko Plantation and Sime Darby each have farms in this Tawau District.

As of December 1998, more than 123,725 hectares of potential land for agricultural purposes in this District have been developed with various kinds of plants. Among the major types are oil palm, cocoa, rubber and coconut.


Apart from farming companies. Tawau is also a region rich in seafood such as fish and shrimp. Even with the supply of marine products such as fish prices in Tawau Markets are among the cheapest in the State of Sabah. Due to production and abundant supplies and have exceeded the needs of local residents, fish and shrimp entrepreneurs in this area have exported these outcomes Sabah States such as Japan, Hongkong, United States, Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia.

There are currently two shrimp processing plants operating in this area. In addition Aquaculture activities are also in moderation working in this area where 4785 hectares of land has been identified as an appropriate area.

Timber Company

In line with the State Government's policy to promote logging locally from exporting timber directly The Tawau District has experienced rapid growth in timber downstream processing. This growth can be proved by the presence of 30 timber processing factories that export timber products in the form of sawn and sawn timber. Types of Timber Woods are of high quality located in Tawau District is Nyatoh, Oba Suluk, Agathis, Red Serangga, Kapur, Merbau, Takalis and Sepatir.


The strategic Tawau position as well as the results, as mentioned earlier, has made Tawau a rapidly developing region. Banks, insurance, logging, agriculture, fisheries, telecommunications and other businesses have come to Tawau and made this city as their operations center for the East Coast of Sabah. For example, currently more than 30 financial institution banks are in operation in Tawau City.


Electricity sponsorship capacity for Bandar Tawau is 70 megawatts. Maxima load is 39 megawatts with 29,547 users. The surplus of production capacity is 21 megawatts.

Water supply

The treated water of a day is 115 million liters. Total demand is 98 million a day with 26,000 connecting meters. Production surplus of 17 million liters per day.

Ray Roada

The treated water of a day is 115 million liters. Total demand is 98 million a day with 26,000 connecting meters. Production surplus of 17 million liters per day....

Tawau Port

The Tawau Port has undergone various changes and the last one is the port expansion enlargement project over 60 million ringgit. This is also one of the largest state Government projects in the region. This project is completed in 1982. It also made the third most important Port of Tawau in Sabah.