Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem

Majlis Perbandaran Tawau 8:36 AM [6/4/2017] Aktiviti

EKSA is a catalyst for MPT Staff in improving the quality of service more conducive to cultivating clean, healthy, friendly, cheerful, clean environment and safely in line with customer's wishes.


1) Creating a conducive and safe working environment, clean, neat and comfortable every day.
2) Help improve teamwork and discipline among MPT residents.
3) Help improve customer satisfaction with the services offered.
4) Create a cheerful, prosperous, effective, innovative and productive work culture.
5) Enhance awareness among MPT members on the importance of energy saving and recycling (Go Green).
6) Improve self-motivation of MPT staff for organizational excellence and service delivery.


Towards a conducive and prosperous working environment.


Educate and motivate MPT staff to better engage in hygiene, safety, safety, cheer and health practices implementing conducive ecosystem practices.

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