Licenses Unit

Majlis Perbandaran Tawau 12:49 AM [6/4/2017] Services


The Licensing Unit is a unit dedicated to issuing all types of licenses such as: Retail Store License, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Beauty Saloon, Bangkel, Karaoke, Petroleum, as well as licensed licenses throughout Pasar Tawau including fixed and movable licenses.


The Licensing Unit's main function is to ensure that all hawkers throughout Tawau Market are charged under the By-Laws of the Tawau Municipal Council and meet the conditions of ownership of the council license.


The Licensing Unit is responsible for issuing licenses for Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) or operating license in Tawau District. It is also responsible for issuing a dog license and updating the registration of new vendors as well as new operating licenses.