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Pasar Tanjung.

PASAR TANJUNG TAWAU . Tawau Tanjung Market . 斗湖丹絨市場

The Tawau Tanjung Market costs RM 17 million to complete. It has 6,000 stalls. It is located at the town centre and completed in the year 1999. Tawau Tanjung Market claimed to be the biggest in Malaysia. In 1999 it was a major construction for Tawau since the 80's.

This is the the largest indoor market in Malaysia. Behind the market is the sea port where Indonesian arrive by the boatloads. Tawau is where you'd be if you are on the way to Sipadan or other world-class dive sites in Sabah's east coast.

This market is the right place to pick up Tawau's famous dried foods such as shrimps and fish.

Urban Transformation Centre.

Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) Tawau.

With the new UTC, residents in Tawau now enjoy the facilities and services in dealing with government agencies.

Fifty-five food stalls on the fifth and sixth floors of Tanjung Market were closed temporarily for three months in 2016 to enable renovations to be carried out to convert the two floors into an Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

UTC Tawau consist of 10 government departments which provide counter payment services.

24 food stalls on the ground floor were moved to the back side of market (near eggs stalls) in April, 2016 to give way for the construction of a 1Malaysia clinic and a police hub for paying summons.