Sejarah Penubuhan Majlis Perbandaran Tawau

Majlis Perbandaran Tawau 10:28 AM [4/4/2017] History
Since 1881 when the British ruled Sabah (North Borneo), Sabah had seen the exchange of governmental ways ie from the way the colonial rule of government to the Constitutional Monarchy of Merdeka through Malaysia on September 16, 1963.

Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) is a local authority responsible for administering the Tawau District. It has an area of ​​6243 sq km with a population of over 524,700 people, before the arrival of local authorities in the Tawau District at the end of 1961.

"Tawau Sanitory Board" already exists under the supervision of the District Office and acts as a local authority. When the Local Government Ordinance 1961 was enforced, there were two local authorities namely Tawau Town Board (LBT) and Tawau Rural District Council (MDLBT). The District Office is responsible for administration and implementing government development projects. LBT and MDLBT restrict their activities to the public services, collection of licenses and taxes and local development plans. The LBT administration is within a four mile radius of the City and the areas after which it is located under the MDLBT.

In conducting management and administration, a "Work Officer" may be appointed under section 69 of the Local Government Ordinance 1961, at both local authorities. The LBT authority is not a full-time officer or from Public Relations (selected from one of the Experts). When Resident's office was abolished on 1 January 1979, the chairman's office was taken over by an officer from the Public Service titled "Commissioner". In addition to being the Chairman, the Commissioner is also the Head of Department. For MDLBT, its chairman is also selected from one of the experts. On January 1, 1982, the status of Tawau District increased its status to the Municipality. LBT and MDLBT are merged and form the Tawau Municipal Council (MPT). The Commissioner's title is replaced by the President and the Work Officer to be the Municipal Secretary.

Sabah Has 23 Local Authorities located under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Local Government and State Housing (comprising 2 Municipalities, 1 Municipal Board and 20 District Council). The Tawau Municipal Council (MPT) is one of the 23 Local Authorities (PBTs) in the State of Sabah.